DIY Cinnamon Sugar Coffee Scrub

This cinnamon sugar DIY coffee scrub recipe combines the exfoliating properties of sugar and coffee with the soothing aroma of cinnamon. We'll show you how to make this at home, step-by-step, and enjoy a spa-like experience at home.

INGREDIENTS: -sugar -cinnamon -coffee -oil

STEP 1: – In a large mixing bowl combine the sugar, coffee and cinnamon. 

STEP 2: -Mix well.

STEP 3: – Slowly pour the oil into the dry ingredients while stirring. Continue stirring until the oil is evenly distributed and the dry ingredients are saturated in oil.

STEP 4: Like so.

STEP 5: – Keep the coffee scrub stored in an airtight container in a cool, dry place for up 3 months.

STEP 6: – To use, take approximately 1/4 cup of scrub into your hands and massage in a circular motion over damp skin. Rinse and enjoy your smooth skin!


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